Fr 27 Nov 20:00 – Note to self, by Jonathan Dafgárd Quartet


27 November
Start: 20:00 uur
Doors: 19:30
Live concert X Covid19 – Precautions
A maximum of 20 tickets will be sold for each live concert. No ticket will be sold at the door, only online!
Very important: For your and our health and safety we ask you not to come to the concert if you have symptoms of fever, coughing, fatigue or other symptoms. Please inform us in time so we can resell your tickets.
Also important: do not come alone, but in household groups of two to four people. There will be 1.5 m distance between each group.
We kindly ask you to respect the basic rules of social distance.

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The jazz musician Jonathan Dafgård has not been honest with his love for pop music. Until now. Combining his skills as a jazz guitarist and his weakness for the simple, yet powerful
messages often delivered in the pop music resulted in the album Note to self which is released the 12th of March.

Note to self by Jonathan Dafgård Quartet can be purchased at and at the band’s upcoming gigs.

The album is an experiment that combines the best of what the two genres can offer; the fine line between complexity and banality in pop – and improvisation, which brings life to
the predetermined, found in in jazz. “It’s a tough and bold mix,” Jonathan says. He continues “I contacted a concert venue with a request to play there, and got a short answer. It said:
Hello, sorry, we never book pop jazz”. Such statements are a clear contrast to the praise Jonathan has received from influential jazz musicians, such as Jesse van Ruller.
Jonathan is inspired by the complexity of emotions. The song “Individually free” is about the balance between dependence and independence of the other in a love relationship.
Another song, “Teach me an ugly word” is about the experience of growing apart with a friend, whilst still sharing the experience of the close friendship you once had.
The band plays acoustically and the album is recorded live, with lots of room for solos and improvisation.
The cooperation within the band has been characterized by trust and respect for each other.

The band members are Pedro Ivo Ferreira (BZ) on double bass, Love Ekenberg (SE) on drums, and Stefan Bos (NL) on piano. Jonathan says that at times he found
it hard to share his music with his jazz colleagues. “On the other hand,” he says, “writing music does not go very well with fear of being disliked”. That is why he argues that
surrounding himself with kind people, is important for creativity.

Jonathan grew up in Malmö, in the south of Sweden. Music had always been central for his family.
However, he was not convinced until he heard David Gilmour from the band Pink Floyd. Another important musical inspiration is Brad Meldau. Maldau’s “Wonderwall” came
to be the springboard into jazz. At the age of seventeen, Jonathan began playing guitar professionally. After playing at the Ystad Jazz Festival in both 2013 and 2015 and then
attending Fridhems Folkhögskola, Jonathan decided to move to Amsterdam to study at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam.

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