Za 18 Mei, 20:30 – Accordeonica by Patrizia Di Malta Ensemble – Music from Europe, Africa and South America


18 Mei
Aanvang 20:30
Doors: 20:00
At the door: €15,00

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“I don’t know what it is that is so communicative about an accordion that when we listen to it, it
touches our heart and fills us with melancholy” (…) “Personally I would like to erect a statue to this
nostalgic form of panting, which is so painfully human but sounds like the heaving of a sad animal”.
Gabriel García Márquez

ACCORDEONICA is a journey into nostalgia, a feeling generated by something missing: a lost or impossible love, our distant land, peace, freedom, the realization of a dream. A lived experience that bonds peoples, ages and languages beyond geographical distances in a musical path across Europe, Africa and South America. It’s a journey transversal in time and space. A journey lead by accordion’s nostalgic voice.

The vintage repertoire draws on the world tradition from the 19th century ’till present days: from Rio de Janeiro’s choro and Brazilian Northeast’s forrò – lightyears far away from elegant bossanova – to Argentinian tango and zamba, from Bizet “Habanera” (Carmen) to afro-peruvian landò, from French waltz to Portuguese fado, from Kurt Weil’s musical of the 30’s to French and South American film soundtracks. An intimate show, magical and emotional, entrusted to the skill of the accordionist Nadio Marenco and to the evocative power of singer Patrizia Di Malta, enriched in this live show by Romain Valentino’s voice of other times voice and his concept of classic guitar.

Patrizia Di Malta – voice 
Nadio Marenco – accordion
Romain Valentino – voice and classic guitar