Sat 19 Nov, 20:00 – Maré Noturna CD release, by Tiago Lageira Trio


19 November 2022
Starts: 20:00
Doors: 19:30

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This evening we are proud to host Tiago Lageira’s CD release, Maré Noturna.
Tiago Lageira Trio is a band formed around ​Tiago Lageira, a young emerging star in the contemporary jazz guitar world.
The repertoire consists of Jazz, Portuguese Fado & Brazilian Samba with a mix of Tiago’s original compositions, specially written and arranged for this group.
​Expect music full of big grooves, great songs, spontaneous improvisations and deep sensitivity as it’s core elements.

Line-up: Tiago Lageira, Mateus Nicolaiewsky, Floris van Elderen

Lionel Loueke
| “Tiago is simply one of my favorite guitarists out there. He has a beautiful and accurate sense of articulation, technique, melody, harmony and feel. I am sure the world will hear more about his immense talent, well deserved. “

McCauley; Switched On Music | “Listeners who may not be part of the traditions of the scene will be able to immediately understand the incredible sound that Tiago creates. Crafting syncopated melodies whilst blazing along the frets in perfect unison with the instruments that support him, there is no denying that you are in the presence of a true master of the art.”


Photo by Govert Driessen

Tiago’s music is undeniably influenced by a vibrant mix of cultural heritages, from Fado and traditional Brazilian rhythms, due to his birthplace in Portugal, to the sound of legendary Jazz pioneers, in which he immersed himself after moving to Amsterdam.

Once in Amsterdam, a young Tiago found himself without anything to do. That is when he received a gift that would change his future, a guitar. A couple hours later his fingers were bleeding from the random noises he played. One year later he started to receive guitar lessons at a local music school, which encouraged him to gradually dive into the local Jazz scene. Within a couple of months, he was already performing at the BIMhuis with the Young Talents Jazz Band.

After graduating from the conservatory and inspired by John Coltrane, Pat Martino, George Benson, João Bosco, Elis Regina and Pedro Jóia, Tiago tested himself by participating in some of the biggest music competitions in Europe today. He performed at the North Sea Jazz Festival, he was one of the finalists at the Bucharest International Jazz Competition 2020 and he won the UK Jazz Guitar Competition in 2020, among others.

Furthermore, using his Portuguese roots and playing his trusted Godin, Tiago brought a modern version of Fado to the Dutch TV competition “We Want More”, which he ended up winning as part of the duo FADOpelos2. This resulted in national fame in both The Netherlands and Portugal, where he played live on TV with the renowned Fado singer Mariza.

His current projects include FADOpelos2, CoolHaven Quintet, Trio Dos Anciões and the Amsterdam Big Band. Besides that, he also has his own Tiago Lageira TRIO, with which he is releasing his debut album “Maré Noturna” later this year, featuring Floris van Elderen on drums and Matheus Nicolaiewsky on bass.