Casa Concert za 18 mrt 20:30 Quintessences invites: Sentir Portugal, Vol. 3!

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18 maart
Aanvang 20.30
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We are very happy to announce our 3rd edition of Sentir Portugal in the beautiful Teatro Munganga. We are excited to be once again supported by the Fadista Ana Roque from Lisbon-Portugal and Portuguese guitar player, composer and singer Rafael Fraga. We will present our extended fado repertoire with new originals from Ana and Rafael, arranged for and accompanied by Quintessences.

We are looking forward to this great evening and hope to see you there to share with us the music and enjoy a glimpse of the Portuguese tradition with great food, drinks and vibes.


For inspiration feel free to watch our teaser of Sentir Portugal:


The Amsterdam based String Quartet “Quintessences” is an international formation consisting of the finest players who have the common goal to build bridges between a vast variety of musical stiles like jazz, classical, pop, rock, funk and soul, folklore, latin and countless other styles.

During their short time of existence since 2012 they have already been playing with a long list of great artists such as Chis Kok, Julia Oschewsky, Chistian Pabst, Laura Polence – Breno Vericimo Duo, Ten-Hut and many more.
The strongest asset of the formation in the collaboration with different kind of artist allowing their music to shine in a different light, giving new perspectives and cleaning up once and for all with the prejudice that classical formation such as a string quartet cannot rock!

The hidden force of this group is Michael Becker, an accomplished arranger and conductor who specialized in big ensemble and string writing.
The collaboration between Michael and the String Quartet has produced a beautiful repertoire of string music which is true to the classical idea and demands of the string quartet whilst always pushing the group and it’s musical concepts beyond conventional borders.

“For sure Quintessences boldly go where hardly no formation of its kind has gone before. THEY ROCK!!”


Ana Roque
Ana Roque is a Portuguese singer. Although she started to sing at a very young age, it was during her university time that she discovered her call for Fado. Despite her young career Ana looks back on an impressive list of collaborations of both the theatre and music “landscape” of Portugal. Her reputation brought her into the most famous “Casas de Fado” of the country such as Marquês da Sé, Luso and Clube de Fado. In constant search for her musical identity with roots in Fado, Ana took part in several musical projects such as Fado Inverso. In December 2015 Ana finalized her debut album “Olhares” (meaning “Glances”). The Album shows a selection of original compositions with a beautiful variety of Fados and Portuguese songs. In April 2016 Ana will present her debut album in Portugal and have her international release in the Netherlands on the 30th of April in the concert series Quintessences Invites! in Teatro Munganga.

Rafael Fraga
RafaelRafaelFraga Fraga was born in Lisbon and lived in the Azores (Portugal) most of his childhood. He started playing the guitar at the age of 13 and after concluding a BA in Biology he dedicated himself entirely to music and writing.

He studied jazz guitar for a short period and then pursued studies in classical composition, completing a BA at the Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa in 2008 and a MA at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam in 2010. His main musical influences are Bossanova, Portuguese folk music, Jazz and classical-contemporary music.
His work as composer and arranger reflects a need to blend these diverse musical contexts and perspectives in a balanced way.

He has worked as a guitarist, composer and orchestrator in many projects. Some of his most relevant collaborations include leading fado singers such as Carlos do Carmo and Ana Moura, poet Nuno Júdice, pianist João Paulo Esteves da Silva or the editor Nelson de Matos (Portugal), the Nederlands Blazers Ensemble, Quatro Ventos, Daisy Correia (Netherlands), along with many other artists and ensembles. Besides music, he writes prose and poetry, with sparse publications. He has released and participated in several music albums and edited two songbooks, with Augusto Macedo as co-author.
Rafael is currently based in Amsterdam.