Zo 22 april 11:00 "Capoeira voor Kids & Family" door Mestre Samara


11.00 (doors open at 11.00)
€6,50 pp (babies <1 jaar gratis)

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Capoeira is een synthese van dans, acrobatiek gevecht en spel.
Deze vorm van beweging is ontstaan in Brazilië met de komst van  Afrikanen als slaven.
De capoeirist is atleet, danser en musicus tegelijkertijd.

When the dance/fight Capoeira is mentioned these days, it rings a bell to a lot of people. Capoeira is a fighting sport in which music, dance, fight, culture, philosophy, way of live, and acrobatics play a role. Capoeira is being practised by women and men of all age groups and many different backgrounds.

Samara was one of the first to teach Capoeira in Europe, this is now already 25 years ago. Besides giving many capoeira lessons to children and adults, he also organises and participates in many performances and workshops all over the world.