Za 16 Nov, 20:30 – Leo Minax & German Kucich


16 November
Aanvang 20:30
Doors: 20:30
At the door: €12,50

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Con La Mosca Detrás De La Oreja is the collaboration between Leo Minax and German Kucich as a duo,
reflecting two creative artists pursuing a musical goal together in a live studio recording. The album
blends borders between the Brazilian roots and jazz, which generates a profoundly world of sound, pure
and complex in equal measure, and musically seductive. The music and the lyrics are crafted with an
alluring mix of elegance, lyricism and sophistication, that perfectly fuses tradition, modernity and
exploration with passion and energy.
Kucich and Minax have known each other for nearly 25 years. They met for the first time in in the 90´s in
Madrid, where the pianist collaborated in the first two albums released by the Brazilian musician. Life,
however, had other things in store for these two exceptional artists, and their careers soon developed
along separate paths, but musically, they never lost sight of each other, and in 2019 they ended up
recording the current album, which celebrates the special moment of the reunion after many years.
Minax is in charge of the musical production. His main objective was to record what was really happening
in the studio in its purest form, with freedom, allowing improvisation and exploring new paths that helped
the growth and development of the songs.

Leo Minax
Born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. He has a long path as a composer and performer. Restless and always open
to face new projects, has already published eight albums in Spain. In addition to his suggestive harmonies,
rhythmic richness and unique way of approaching composition, the artist's work is also highlighted by the
texts of his songs, his creativity and poetic inspiration. In Brazil, he has worked with Arnaldo Antunes,
Toninho Horta, Vitor Ramil, Lô Borges, Ronaldo Bastos, Celso Adolfo, Vander Lee, Chico Amaral and
Moska, among others, as collaborators or co-authors.
The music of Leo Minax has already been recorded by Uruguayan Jorge Drexler, the Mexican Ximena
Sariñana, the Spanish Ana Belén, and the Danish Steen Rasmussen, with whom he has recorded several
recordings in recent years. He worked with many other great authors worldwide, such as Lisandro
Aristimuño, Francesca Ancarola, Javier Barría, David Aguilar, Pablo Guerrero, Diego Vasallo, Suso Saiz or
Pedro Guerra. He has toured in Japan, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, the United States, Holland, Denmark,
Germany, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Brazil and Uruguay.

German Kucich
Born in Mar del Plata, Argentina. He had published six albums as a leader and has already recorded and
traveled the world alongside internationally with renowned artists such as, Sonny Fortune, Frank Lacy,
Seamus Blake, Eddie Henderson, James Moody, Kevin Mahogany, Richie Cole, Tony Lakatos, Kirk
MacDonald, Deborah Davis , Toninho Horta, Perico Sambeat, Jeanne Lee , Bobby Martinez, Bob Sands, ,
Pedro Iturralde, Javier Colina and Philippe Caterine, among others.
Among his current projects we can highlight the German Kucich Trio with which he has just released the
CD Inside, the new OnBud project (quartet with the saxophonist Bob Sands dedicated to Bud Powell's
music), and the Stravinsky Piano Duo with Hugo Foigelman with whom he recorded the two-piano
version of the Petrouchka ballet.