Za 16 Apr, 20:00 – The golden years of SAMBA JAZZ


16 April 2022
Starts: 20:00
Doors: 19:30

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Hans Vroomans (piano)
Matheus Nicolaiewsky (double bass)
Yoran Vroom (drums)

Samba Jazz, the musical style that consolidated Brazilian Samba with American Jazz with the hints of the bossa-novista repertoire and became popular in the 50’s by the likes of Sergio Mendes, Milton Banana and Edison Machado.
Two of the finest Dutch musical gems and Brazilian bass virtuoso set out for a journey to the Golden years of Samba Jazz.

A guaranteed evening of engaging and fascinating rhythms.

Hans Vroomans
Regular pianist with the Metropole Orchestra, but also a much sought-after session musician who plays and has played with various big names, from Lee Konitz and Zoot Sims to Steve Vai, Ivan Lins, John Scofield, Al Jarreau, Laura Fygi and Trijntje Oosterhuis. This versatile pianist is also a member of Who’s The Bossa? whose members share a love for bossa nova and Brazilian jazz

Matheus Nicolaiewsky
Is a Brazilian bassist based in the Netherlands.
Firmly grounded in the Jazz Tradition, he transitions between the electric bass and the double bass with fluency, versatility and musicality in a vast range of musical strands.
His unique way of playing the bass has made him highly requested for works as a side-man and soloist in the European jazz scene as well as worldwide.
He has performed along-side with Peter Bernstein, Stochelo Rosemberg, Vincent Herring, Jazz Philarmonic Orchestra of St. Petersbursg, Kiko Freitas amongst others.
Currently Matheus is touring with Trijntje Oosterhuis on the ‘What the world needs now’ tour 2022.

Yoràn Vroom
Started music at a young age. He attributes an important part of his musical development to studying drums with Surinamese/Dutch drum master Eddy Veldman and West- African percussion with Master Ponda O’ Bryan early on. Yoràn graduated from the Conservatory of Amsterdam.
Currently active on the Dutch/European (jazz)music scene. He has worked with and continues working with Internationally known artists Frank McComb, Ed Motta, Cory Henry, Kinga Glyk, and many others.
“Yoràn Vroom is quickly developing into one of the leading musicians of our time.” – Vrije Geluiden