Thur 24 March, 20:00 – Coulon-Azán, Canciones con historia, Chile


24 March 2022
Starts: 20:00
Door open: 19:30

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Coulon-Azan are the surnames of two musicians, each with enduring careers in their own right but united by a long and firm friendship based on shared ideals and sensibilities. They now form a duo, regularly inviting guest musicians to join them and share musical experiences.

Favoured by inspiration and perseverance, Marcelo Coulon and David Azán dedicated the quiet time of confinement to craft proposals, which they knew to put in the hands of those who needed them, to enliven the coming together of dreams for the future, be they of the barrio, the city or the country, and to offer solace to those suffering the difficult consequences of the pandemic.

They firmly believe that music can transform hearts and society. An example of this is their song in homage to Plaza Dignidad, composed jointly with Jorge Baradit, as is their more recent Patricio Manns collaboration, which delivered El tiempo en sus ojos [Time in eyes, lyrics Patricio Manns, music David Azán) and Donde nace la luz [Where light is born, lyrics Marcelo Coulon, music David Azán), the latter also in high resolution video.