Sun 14 Jan 2024, 16:00 – Jacque Falcheti – Singer-songwriter new generation Brazilian music


14 January 2024
Starts: 16:00
Deur Open: 15:30

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CRUA CD Launch (Eurotour) – New generation Brazilian music.

Eu sou só – Jacque Falcheti – YouTube

unfinished, immature and visceral.

Why do we need to wait for the perfect time to do something if it doesn’t exist and the process makes itself so beautiful with its imperfections?

It is the reflection that permeates Jacque Falcheti’s new album: CRUA. Between delicately handpicked chords, a voice close to the ear brings silences in the textures of the arrangements. The concert is an invitation to take a break from the day and an intimate reflection.

After 5 albums released and awarded, tours in 15 countries on 3 continents: Europe, Africa and Latin America, an expressiveness on digital platforms with more than 250,000 plays, Jacque Falcheti launches her solo and authorial project, in a minimalist format of voice and guitar.

The album ‘Crua’ was awarded by the São Paulo State Action Program (ProAc) and had launch shows in São Paulo and cities around Brazil, she has already made a tour in the main Lisbon in Portugal, Berlin in Germany, Tallinn in Estonia, Brussels in Belgium and London in England.