Ma 03 Feb, 20:00 – The Eva Stories: Tales for Contemporary Women #4 Melting down


25 November
Aanvang 20:00
Doors: 19:30
At the door: €12,50

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Welcome to 2020! The year has gone through the white January and the winter is a fact in the Northern hemisphere.

To light up the chilli winter nights (brrrrr), the theme of fourth Storytelling Night on the 03rd of February is “Melting Down”.

In this night, storytellers, musicians and performers will bring tales about the fire within, that flame that keep us warm when everything is cold and dark outside. And ready to spark again when spring has come and the world is calling to blossom…

About TES:

From the perception that many women in the past didn’t tell their own story and it has had an impact on how the world turns, The Eva Stories (TES) was born. It is a platform that stimulate women to tell their own stories through media, music, series, trainings and retreats. Let’s tell the change we want to be in the world! #jointhemovement #tellyourstories @The Eva Stories