Fri 25 Aug 2023, 20:00 – Batak Folk Songs, by Horja Bius (Indonesia)


25 August 2023
Starts: 20:00
Deur Open: 19:30

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Horja Bius is a world music group that carries the characteristics of music from Batak, North Sumatra, Indonesia.
With the aim of introducing Indonesian culture abroad, especially in Europe, Horja Bius performed several times in Europe before the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world. After the pandemic is over, 2023 is the year that Horja Bius will have the opportunity to introduce their work at the Munganga Theater on August 25, 2023.

To introduce Batak music to foreign countries, Horja Bius will present his work with a big theme: stories about our ancestors from the Batak land, stories about the social life of Batak people today, and Batak folk songs that are well known in Indonesia itself.

With music that is packaged by maintaining the uniqueness of traditional Batak musical instruments.
Horja Bius will present interesting and unique works to be heard in the Netherlands.

Horja Bius Songlist

stories about our ancestors from the Batak land :

  1. tonggo Ompung Mulajadi na Bolon

  2. tonggo si Boru Deak Parujar

  3. tonggo Bakara

  4. tonggo si Raja Batak

Special song about Nature

  1. Haminjon

Song about stories about the social life of Batak people today

  1. rap hita sadalan

  2. rura hinaol ni tutuk

  3. nantoari au mulak

  4. tadingan ni da ompung

  5. dung marsalpuan tingki

  6. among, ai tung tama dope hata i tu ho


  1. Lisoi

  2. Dengdeng kurdeng