Fri 22 March 20:30 – Butoh Festival Amsterdam – 7 Performances


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22 March € 2035

discount price € 15,00 (ONE DAY) and € 25,00 for both days (only for certified students and unemployed)
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Butoh Festival Amsterdam 22 March 2019 – III Edition
unconventional, experimental, controversial, international

Friday 22nd                                                       Saturday 23 rd
Elisabeth Damour                                            Elisa Tagliati
Last memory before the world ended               No imaginary question of form
Serge Arthur Dodo                                          Zefania Ezekiel
Modern jail                                                        Ask GodWh
Bushra Arbawi                                                  Alon Aharoni
Al-Hillal or Gibbous                                           Outrage
Brandom Perdomo                                           Vincenta Besteman, Joana Cuiko, Bushra Arbawi
Heart-strung                                                      Mother lost her child
p a u s e p a u s e pause pause pause pause pause pause pause pause pause pause pause pause
Ezio Tangini                                                       Tian Gao
Beautiful day!                                                     Un unknown woman
Emma Dickson and Charlotte Black                Regina Masuhr
Day by day I am fighting to stay alive                Laviska
Michela Montrasio                                             Lisa Bless
Decay                                                                (In)finite nature

16 performers from 8 countries
14 performances with dancers from four continents: China, France, Israel, Italy, Ivory Coast, Germany, Lithuania, Marocco in the Netherlands, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Tanzania, U.K., U.S.A.

7 performances per day
Alon Aharoni (Israel), Brandon Perdomo (U.S.A.), Bushra Arbawi (Marocco in the Netherlands), Charlotte Black (U.K), Elisabeth Damour (France), Elisa Tagliati (Italy), Emma Dickson (U.K.), Ezio Tangini (Italy) |
Joana Cuiko (Lithuania), Lisa Bless (Germany), Michela Montrasio (Italy), Regina Masuhr (Switzerland), Serge Arthur Dodo (Ivory Coast), Tian Gao (China), Vincenta Besteman (The Netherlands), Zefania Ezekiel (Tanzania).

Info and reservation:
telephone: 020 6759837
For further information contact Ezio Tangini e_mail
The Butoh festival Amsterdam taking place at Teatro Munganga
Schinkelhavenstraat 27 hs2 1075 Amsterdam
dates time ticket prices
Fri 22nd March 2019 8:30pm € 20
Sat 23rd March 2019 8:30pm € 20
Both the days € 35
concession € 15 for one day (only for certified students and unemployed)
concession € 25 for both the days (only for certified students and unemployed)
Press contact: Ezio Tangini tel.+39 3385004680

Butoh Festival Amsterdam 22nd- 23rd March 2019 –edition III–
The festival will be produced without any public or private grant.