Fr 26 Nov, 20:00 – ALMA, a dance and music show by Federico Nathan & Lucia Conde de Ben


26 November 2021
Starts: 20:00
Door open: 19:30
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Teaser ALMA:

“Alma” brings together the arts of dance and music. It narrates the transition through life of the “Self” placing focus on one’s emotions.
Three dancers and two musicians on stage musicalize and dance a painful birth. A childhood traversing melodies of pure innocence. A dance of seduction evoking adolescence that transforms into a volcano of adult emotions. Confusion provoked by the torment of- mental turmoil. The silence of absence, death and re-birth… causing the soul to transcend the human and brush the spiritual.

From its inception, the Tango has been the embodiment and expression of the melancholy suffered by the, largely, Italian immigrants arriving in Argentina and Uruguay in between the 1880s and 1930 especially in the region of the Río de la Plata; and this expression forms the uniting link connecting the Italian and existing Río de la Plata cultures from that time until the current day. “Alma” ( or “Soul” ) is a project of profound humanistic sentiment which uses the Tango as a narrative base with which to establish this union.
Moreover, it fuses with other musical styles such as Jazz and Folk, amongst others. It is a theatrical presentation acted out in a series of scenes by five artists who bring together the arts of dance, music and poetry. Each scene depicts a different period and emotion demonstrating the evolution of man.

Line up:
Lucía Conde de Ben, Dance
Ginette Montenegro, Dance
Alberto Colombo, Dance
Federico Nathan, Violin & Composition
Mariano Siccardi, Piano & Composition