Casa Concert do 17 nov, 8:30pm "AZUL" by Inti Rebolledo Trio


17 November
Aanvang 20:30
Doors: 20:00

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Cool & rock, swing…fusion.
Een muzikale verzameling van het Inti Rebolledo Trio.
Gevoelige melodieën met een duidelijke en deugdelijke harmonische structuur om te improviseren.

Azul is a musical collection of songs, in which the compositions have one aesthetic proposal that does not take commitment to new fashions of contemporary Jazz.

Rather, it is the attempt to find new and sensitive melodies, not leaving aside, a clear and robust harmonical structure to improvise, that goes unnoticed by the listener when the compositions of the album are played.

The music of Azul, it is not the attempt to test the auditor skills and knowledge, but rather an invitation to hear “something new”, and be able to let yourself go with the sound, and your own imagination, this is the result of the conceptual integration and the malleable styles such as jazz, pop, and classical music.

Inti Rebolledo Trio are:
Anand Avila Bass
Juan Coderch Drums
Inti Rebolledo Guitars

Inti Rebolledo
Chilean composer, arranger, guitar player.
In the early days of my carrier, I have been part of many bands and musical projects, professionals and amateurs, since then I was complete devoted to the study of improvisation, as a result I have developed an own way of playing, instead the main Jazz trend, also this brought me to a whole universe of music possibilities.
I have been composing short pieces as (latin standards) at with life is given to Azul album .
I have developed my creation regarding all the disciplines relating to Jazz, Classical and Pop music, to a meeting common point, to find a new sound way, looking for the singular balance and aesthetics between distant styles, but with the premise that everything in music is sound.
These are the musicians that I have learned from and participated with Christian Galvez, Scott Henderson, Lee Konitz, Philipe Catherine, David Friesen, Juan Coderch, Anand Avila, Lautaro Quevedo, Wladimir Groppas, Alberto “toti” Monsalve, Liliana Perez Corey, “Toly” Ramirez, Alvaro Menanteau, Guillermo Riffo.

Juan Coderch (Openminded percussionist)
Juan made possible, that worlds as historically opposed like street music and music academy can converge in a common place where styles can influence each other, reaching one harmonious balance.
Coderch is the solist of the Symphony Orchestra of Chile, he performed his formal study of music in Conservatorio Universidad de Chile, and in Cleveland USA.
Those are most prominent projects in which he has participated Cruz del Sur, ensemble de camara, that explore Latin American fusion music, then projects like, Karametrica, La Red, Ensemble, Ernesto Holman, and Antonio Restucci.
He has also worked with famous artists, representatives of the Chilean pop-music Dekiruza, Cueca Urbana, Alberto Plaza.
Repercussion is his first work as a leader and composer.
He has recorded with, Orquesta Sinfónica de Chile, one Album for Vibraphone and Marimba concerts. He embarked on a study trip to India, to learn the spirituality of the table, the new center of his musical balance.
Juan Coderch, is one of the more complete percussionists in Chilean History, he was recognized by his colleagues and received the award Altazor, for his musical interpretation.

Anand Avila (Bassplayer)
Professional musician and interpreter with 20 years experience having played and learned from many teachers and colleagues, such as Carlos de Santiago, Pablo Lecaros, Miguel Perez, Roberto Monsalve, Lautaro Quevedo.
I have been involved in courses and workshops, Modern School of Music. He participated in the Chilean national music scene in projects like Litoral Jazz Band led by Hector Urbina, Jazz Festival Algarrobo, with original music recorded in studios Lautaro Quevedo, Yerko Tribiño participating in the original folklore group The Straight Province.
In luthers learning to build my own instruments with native woods with the teacher, musician, famous luthier, Claudio Miranda in his School of Arts and Crafts Moro Gonzalez y Los Populares, with Nicolas Zegers and the public spectacle.
I took part in the musical proposal of Inti Rebolledo, musician, guitarist and Chilean composer based in Europe, I was part of the staff that record in my studio “Vichuquen”, Azul, the album written by Inti Rebolledo, produced, mixed and mastered in the studios Fenix in Amsterdam Netherlands 2016, released by Pez Records.