Casa Tango ma 15 mei 20:30 "Milonga with live music" by Va De Nuevo Tango

15 mei 2017
Aanvang 20.30 uur – Deur open 20:00
Online: € 10,00
Door: € 12,00
Va De Nuevo Ensemble from Buenos Aires
First time in Amsterdam!


Va de Nuevo Tango
Set of tango formed in mid-2012, born as a trio of guitars, his lineup is currently composed by Agustín López, Martín Casal and Leandro Rodríguez on guitars, Alessio Menegolli on bass and Facundo Rodríguez in voice. The project is characterized by exploring all the timing and assembly possibilities that the instrumentation can present and by working in detail in every detail, achieving a high quality of interpretation. His proposal seeks to achieve new identities and concepts in the arrangements for groups of guitars.

It is important to note that despite their youth, the members are profound connoisseurs and promoters of the tango genre. Graduated in various schools and Conservatories of popular music, as well as in particular with Masters of the stature of Aníbal Arias, Alfredo Sadi, Armando de la Vega, Diego “Dipi” Kvitko and Leandro Nikitoff, currently serve as teachers in various Educational and cultural spaces , promoting the development of new generations.

Since its beginnings, the group has performed in the most famous redoubts and milongas of the city of Buenos Aires and the interior. In addition, it has a wide trajectory accompanying singers like Marco Bellini, Facundo Radice, and Nicholas Abosky, among others and sharing dates with groups likes Palermo Trio and 34 stabs.

In 2012, Va de Nuevo participated in the play “Por amor” performed at the Teatro del Viejo Mercado, with a cast consisting of 20 dancers from Argentina, Holland and Colombia, making 8 presentations in this room.

In October of 2013 undertook its first European tour that included the countries of Holland, Spain and France, and in which they realized performances in Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Amsterdam, Utrech and Hertogenbosch.

Its repertoire counts on great variety, as much of styles as of times; tangos of the old guard, Aníbal Troilo, Roberto Grela, Horacio Salgán and Astor Piazzolla, among others. It also explores the repertoire of current composers such as Julián Peralta, Julio Coviello and “Tape” Rubín, and also investigates in their own compositions, accompanying the growth that has been obtaining the genre for several years.

The group makes numerous presentations a year by the Federal Capital and the interior of the country, visiting cities such as Rosario, Mar del Plata, Calafate, Tandil, La Plata and Bahía Blanca. Participating in recognized milongas and different cycles and tango festivals, inviting people to both listen and dance. Torcuato Tasso Cultural Center, Homero Manzi Corner, Cooperative Cultural Center, Verdi Theater, Canning Hall, Salón el Beso, Baradero Music Festival, Flores Tango Festival, are some of the places where the group has taken their music.