Casa Workshop wo 30 nov 18:00 Physical Theatre by Fernando Oliveira

Price: 15€ for class or 60€ per month.
Age: 18+
Capacity: 20 people
Every Wednesday from 18:00 to 20:00
Email:  or by sms: 0687617699


The classes given by Fernando Oliveira are aiming to discover the Performing Arts, stage presence and the student as creator.

IMG-20160812-WA0005The workshop is like a journey, putting the students in front of the obstacles that are required to use their creative skills, helping to develop and choose their own path as creator.
In this first meeting we will be working as a group on theater games in order to develop a dynamic group, a perception of space, and stage presence.
The idea is that the student is the creator who discovers his own body movement.
In the second phase we will work with text (spoken text in a linear dramaturgy or not) in order to improve the word into the body.
A work that puts the physicality of the scenic artist at the forefront, in order to give birth to a performance.
The final aesthetic result of his creations is based on the body movement of performing artists, using text, but focuses primarily on the physical work of artists,their bodies, their movements in space.

The classes start the 7th of September every Wednesday from 18:00 to 20:00