Casa Kinderen zo 25 sept "Classic for Toddlers/Klassiek voor Peuters" by Cats, Flowers & Vanilla Ice-cream


11.15 (doors open at 11.00)
€5 pp (babies <1 jaar gratis)
Maximum capacity: 60 people!
Maximale capaciteit: 60 personen

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Cats, Flowers and Vanilla Ice-cream is the name of the music duo created by the violinist Esin Yardimli and the guitar player Ricardo Alves Pereira.

With the violin and the classical guitar as their voices, Esin and Ricardo love to communicate through music. They also love to spend fun time with friends and be happy. Join Esin and Ricardo for a classical music feast specially prepared for the petite audience! During this intimate performance that combines music and acting, Esin and Ricardo will be playing beautiful classical melodies specially chosen for children such as the minuet in G from Bach and the lullaby from Brahms. It is going to be a delight for the whole family!

Cats, Flowers and Vanilla Ice-Cream
Esin and Ricardo are both classical musicians with years of experience in children education and entertainment. They organised various children activities and concerts, and this is their most recent project. Also they like cats, flowers and vanilla ice-cream, that’s why they named their duo after them.
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