Casa Concert vr 18 dec 2015 “Its About Love” by Viviani Godoy


Aanvang 21:00 uur
Deur open 20:00
Entrance: € 10:00

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Special concert
Viviani Godoy is a Brazilian singer who has lived in Holland, Barcelona and since 2012, in São Paulo, Brasil.

In Holland, Viviani won Grammy for “Best CD” in Dutch Essent Award, was in several live television shows including Raymaan is Laat, has performed on important festivals like North See Jazz Festival and play one of the leading rolls on the first feature film by Dutch director Eddy Terstal.

KeesGelderblomFor this unique presentation, Viviani invited the great guitar player Kees Gelderblom and the percussion player Matthias Haffner to present “Its About Love”, a repertoire that consists of original and unpublished songs from well know Brazilian composers like Moacyr Luz and Zeca Baleiro.

Build by romantic songs that talk about love and feelings she brings the best of brazilian music creating a warm atmosphere and not leaving behind composers like Chico Buarque and Paulo Cesar Pinheiro.