Casa Tango Ma 25 Sept okt 20:30 Milonga with live music: `Latin American Songbook´ by Trio Müller, Luna and Marinis (AR)


25 Septemberer 2017
Aanvang 20.30 uur
Deur open 20:00
Online: € 10,00
Door: € 12,00

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The Trio Müller, Luna and Marinis goes through the Latin American songbook. The most representative rhythms of Cuba, Brazil, Uruguay, Peru, and especially Argentine folklore and tango are present. The candombe, festejo, landó, chacarera, zamba, tango, among others, are happening with the interpretative imprint of Pepe Luna (guitar and arrangements), Ale de Marinis (percussion) and Coni Müller (voice), giving each song a touch that distinguishes them.
Special for the Milonga Mi Lunes, the Trio Müller, Luna and Marinis will present a concert to dance.

Coni Müller
Graduated from the career of Professional Musician of the School of Contemporary Music “EMC” (Escuela de Música Contemporánea) of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, homonymous province of Argentina. She participated in the Musical Comedy genre, at the Musical Theater School “B’ Way Street”, Haedo City, Buenos Aires Province, preparing herself extensively in the disciplines of theater, musical theater, jazz dance, classical dance, contemporary dance, street dance with different masters specialized in the genre (2001-2008). She studied with Magdalena León, in the seminar “The art of breathing” in the SAV (Asociación Argentina de la Voz) in 2012 and Dance Theater in the “Space of Art Red Moon” (Luna Roja) until the year 2014 and Body Expression with Cecilia Colombo (2015-2016). In the vocal area she took classes with Lorena Álvarez (2001-2008), Romina Cerri (2009-2014). With the italian artist and teacher Gabriela Vai, she took singing, bioenergetic, sound and vibration classes (2013 and 2015). Lyric and popular song with the teacher Susana Naidich and Argentine Folklore and Jazz with the teacher Eleonora Eubel (2013-2015). Vocal Ensemble with Camilo Reiners (2013). Participated in the vocal ensemble “Cosa de negros” project “Freedom” (direction and arrangements Camilo Reiners) (2013). In the year 2013 participated in the Master Class intensive directed by vocal coach newyorker Wendi Parr.

Pepe Luna
He graduated from the General Conservatory of Music “General San Martin” in which he obtained the title of Superior Guitar Teacher and Music Education Teacher.In 1998, he dedicated entirely to the folk genre alongside the singer Luna Monti, with whom he participated in different festivals. In 1999, he joined the group of bassist Willy González with whom he recorded 4 albums: “Pergamino”, “Tupa”, “Verse Negro” and “Agua”. He recorded “Soundances” by Diego Urcola, released in the USA, Germany and Spain; whose album was nominated for the Latin Grammy Awards 2004 and Grammy Awards 2005 as best Latin Jazz album. In 2005, he created the “Pepe Luna Grupo” in which he developed his vein of composer and recorded his album “Coloreando el tiempo”.As a music producer and arranger, he was responsible for the albums: “Tras de una ausencia” (Lorena Astudillo, 2009, nominated for the Gardel Awards 2010), “Flores” (Sandra Aguirre, 2012, nominated for the Gardel Awards 2013), “Avidez” (Carolina Di Blasi, 2014), and now he is currently working on the production of new material by Gisela Baum. He recently participated in the arrangement and recording of one of the songs that is part of the album “Raiz Spinetta”, awarded with the Gardel 2015 prize.In 2014 he published his first book: “Improvisation guide on Latin American rhythms”. In 2016 he made his first European tour.At the moment he is dedicating to dictate improvisation clinics about Latin American music, to the production of his solo album and the material of the duos that he shares with the musicians Fernando Barragán, Gaspar Tytelman and the singer Gisela Baum. As a teacher, he teaches guitar, ensemble, arranging and workshops of Latin American music at the EMC (Contemporary Music School), and the chair of Improvisation and Folk and Citizen Music at the Superior Conservatory of Music of the City of Buenos Aires “Astor Piazzolla ”

Ale de Marinis
Graduated from the ITMC (Technological Institute of Contemporary Music) in 2003, with the title of professional musician on drums.
He studied batting and percussion with teachers Pablo Menegozzo, Carlos Riganti, Alejandro Varela, Facundo Guevara, Pablo La Porta and Mario Gusso.
He recorded the albums as drummer and / or percussionist of the artists: Marcos Lozano, Hernán Crespo, Martin Boffi, Sexteto Cabernet, Manuel Moreira, Santiago Netri, Orquesta Suavevictor.
In 2009 he edited with Willy Gonzalez a study material of Argentine folklore for guitar, bass and bass drum.
He is a private drummer and percussion teacher since 2002, developing reading, improvisation technique and different styles, both in individual and group classes.
Since 2010 he has been teaching at EMC (School of Contemporary Music), in charge of subjects, Percussion, Latin American Ensemble and Latin American Rhythms I and II.
He worked as a session musician creating and executing drum and percussion arrangements in the original music of various audiovisual media.
At the moment he integrates, as personal projects, groups that create and execute a fusion of the folk music, as much Argentine as uruguayan, Peruvian, Brazilian and Cuban; Using different formations and instrumentation.