Casa Concert zo 28 jun 2015 "Impossível Breve"Jennifer Souza


28 juni 2015
Aanvang 19:00 uur
Deur open 18:30

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Folk jazz indie style
After twelve years on the road and five creating her first solo work, the brazilian singer-songwriter and guitar player Jennifer Souza presents the show of her debut album “Impossível Breve” (“Brief Impossible”, in a free translation). The album, chosen as one of the best Brazilian albums of 2013 by many music publications, brings to life nine songs reminiscent of a mature and confessional folk jazz indie style. The artist, well known in the local scene, had already racked up good reviews for her work with the group Transmissor, a reference in the state of Minas Gerais of the new Brazilian music. Jennifer is also responsible for the “Mostra Cantautores” in Belo Horizonte, an initiative to strengthen the contemporary singer-songwriting work in Minas Gerais and in the whole country.

Hoarse voice
On stage, Jennifer’s hoarse voice is sided by great young talents of Minas Gerais’ instrumental music, such as Frederico Heliodoro (bassist, composer and author of three acclaimed solo albums), Felipe Continentino (drummer and composer), João Gabriel Machala (trombone), Jonas Vitor (saxophone) and Marcus Abjaud (piano), and also by the guitarist Henrique Matheus. The album has been produced by Thiago Correa, the singer’s colleague in Transmissor, and counts with a dozen of partnerships and participations, among them Fabio Góes from São Paulo, who shares vocals on the song “Pedro & Lis”.

First international tour
With her first international tour in 2015, the artist has prepared solo performances to promote the album release in Europe next June. With dates already scheduled in Portugal, France and Netherlands, Jennifer celebrates the partnership with the French label Novomundo, which will release Impossível Breve on LP and CD format in next May. The album was also released in an exclusive version in Japan in November 2014 by Core Port label.Jennifer Souza Por Fanie Galdes 2-1

Playful game
Aware of its own transitory fever, of its immortal urgency, “Impossível Breve” is a playful game of tinkering with time, a gathering of nine sweetly narrative and deadly songs, an invitation to the beginning, middle and end of all that matters – therefore, love –, a flash, a place or a known taste, the arrival and the departure, life garnished as music.
Even though it is open to diversity, the album has its highlights in what is familiar, frontal and indisputable within us. Even with its refinement, it is a set of simple, touching songs of the kind that gives you butterflies in the stomach and reminds you that, after all, singing is easier than existing. It is an album that is an instant, a glance, a glimpse, a perfectly timed “subito”, a cutout, a brief and impossible world in the bid for its music.

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