Casa Concert do 30 april 2015 Gustavito & Leonardo Marques: Independent music from Minas Gerais


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A special musical encounter
Gustavito and Leonardo Marques: two artists from Minas Gerais, both important links in the new Brazilian independent musical scene, each separately, they are touring through Europe. And On Thursday, April 30th, they will be at Casa Munganga for a special concert: both have their second album launched in 2015. Gustavito’s “Quilombo Oriental” and Leonardo Marques his “Curvas, Lados, Linhas Tortas, Sujas e Discretas”.

Gustavito is one of the key performers in the independent musical scene in Brazil. From Belo Horizonte, the capital city of Minas Gerais, he has been working as a multi-instrumentalist, arranger and composer for the last few years. GustavitoHe has also conducted a research on pop culture and music from Minas Gerais with an African ascent.
Poetry and social criticism
As a composer Gustavito showcases a style which is characterized by a refined resonance, with unexpected melodies and harmonies blended with the influence of popular rhythms such as samba, ijexá, maracatu and axé. With rich poetry and a inspiring musicality, his main influences are found in the popular Brazilian culture and in the tradition of composers-singers from various origins, from Minas Gerais to the Northeast of Brazil, including Argentinean songs and afro-guitar rhythms. His lyrics are imprinted with poetry and social criticism, with a tropical tint. In 2015 Gustavito launched his latest work, the second solo album, ‘Quilombo Oriental’, with shows in Belo Horizonte and a artistic residence in France and a tour around other European countries. For more information about Gustavito:
Link to download the album “Quilombo Oriental”:
Link to see the clipe “Nina”:

Leonardo Marques
Leonardo Marques is a prolific musician and producer. In addition to integrating the Transmissor (one of the main representatives of independent music made in Minas Gerais in the recent years) and he’s one of the creators of the Belgian-mineiro label La Femme Qui Roule. He was also guitarist van Diesel (later called Udora), a leading alternative rock bands that ever existed in Brazil.10838075_1545858919006907_4890372357995968207_o
Curvas, Lados, Linhas Tortas, Sujas e Discretas

It’s his second solo album, released in February 2015. His first album “Dia e noite no mesmo céu”, from 2012 was highly praised and as in the previous disc, Leonardo Marques played all the instruments except the drums
The bridge between Minas Gerais and Los Angeles is a conceptual and geographical bridge. In addition to travel between the two sites for years, musically Leonardo Marques work is the result of the mixture of indie folk sensitivity of Elliot Smith and that melancholy romanticism characteristic of Milton Nascimento, Lô Borges and his Clube da Esquina. The sounds and the love for analogue processes dialogue with the sixties psychedelia and retro pop, causing her curves and crooked lines turn into a journey that distorts the time and absorbs the listener.

For more information and to download the new album, follow this link: