Zo 29 Nov 11:00 – Flamenco dans – Cuentos para mi niño (Stories for my little boy) – Wegens succes terug!


11.00 (doors open at 10.45)
€7,50 pp (babies <1 jaar gratis)
Maximum capacity: 30 people!
Maximale capaciteit: 30 personen!

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‘Cuentos para mi niño’ is a performance for children. Flamencodancer Conchita Boon will tell, dance and sing a variety of short stories to the children and the boy in her belly.
She will be accompanied by guitarist Kees Gelderblom.
Conchita Boon was born in Amsterdam in 1999, she started dancing when she was only 6 years old. She was going to Andalusia, contacting flamenco in numerous master classes given by numerous important dancers and dancer like:Sonia la Poveda, Rafaela Carrasco, Joaquín Grilo, Farruquito, El Polito, María Juncal, Ursula López, Ana Morales, Alicia Márquez, Javier Latorre, Fuensanta la Moneta,Isabel Bayón, Eduardo Guerrero, Andrés Marín, El Choro and many others who have contributed to her flamenco career.
Meanwhile in Holland, she does her own choreographies during all this time and teaches flamenco in dance schools in Holland and Germany.
She works at big events as La Bienal NL with several artists such as Livio Gianola and Jeff Heijne. She always looks for new ways in her dances. She works with improvisation,with what happens in her life and in the world, looking for innovative movements and choreographies, but always in connection with Flamenco.
Kees Gelderblom was born in The Hague in 1958. At the age of eleven he buys his first guitar from self-saved money and in 1976 he comes into contact with Brazilian music (Luíz Bonfá on the radio). The Brazilian guitarist Baden Powell provides a 180 degree turn in Kees’ life. In 1988 he graduated from the Sweelinck Conservatory in Amsterdam as a classical guitar teacher. During his studies, he was a member of the Brazilian TANGA formation until 1995, led by Paulo Prata (drummer / singer).