Zo 28 Apr, 13:30 – Enhance your Creativity with Positive Psychology


28 April
Aanvang 13:30
Doors: 13:00

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Workshop by Nadja Venezian

Join us for an interactive workshop to explore your creativity.
Learn Techniques to Reduce Stress.
Learn how your thoughts and emotions determine your focus and create your reality.
Learn to: “Embrace the life you have and sculpt the life you want.”

Give yourself the gift of an afternoon exploring your Self.

Nadja Venezian is a psychologist specializing in positive psychology. She is also yoga teacher, Ayurvedic therapist, yoga dance teacher and is certified in Mindfulness training. An award winning sculptor, Nadja has her works in private collections around the world.

As an American who has lived in Brazil for the last 37 years, Nadja sees the world from a unique perspective.
Duration of the workshop: 13:30 – 17:30



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