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Reina del Cid, is an American singer-songwriter and lead of the Eponymous folk/rock band based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States.

Josh Turner is a multi instrumentalist and vocalist on YouTube and in The Real World. Based in Brooklyn, NY.

Reina del Cid and Josh Turner Guitar are two world-renowned folk acts with over 335,000 Youtube subscribers, 70 million views (combined), and a rabid fanbase.

Bio Reina del Cid
Part singer-songwriter, part rock band, you can find Reina del Cid at the intersection of lyrical storytelling and scorching solos. In January of last year, Del Cid released a music video for the song “Death Cap,” filmed in Iceland and directed by the band’s longtime creative collaborator, Jason Ho. Their music has been featured by Paste Magazine, NPR, and Baeble Music. Their new release, Rerun City is out now!

After building a devoted online following as a solo artist, Del Cid teamed up with talented musicians Toni Lindgren, Zach Schmidt, and Andrew Foreman to develop a sophisticated sound with broad appeal, drawing in mixed crowds from jamheads to college students to white haired intelligentsia.

Reina del Cid and her band cut their teeth in 2013 with a weekly residency at the Amsterdam Bar and Hall in downtown St. Paul, which they held for nearly two years before moving on to tour nationally and release their 2015 album, The Cooling.

Links: http://www.reinadelcid.com 

Bio Josh Turner Guitar
Josh on his Youtube channel: “Some friends and I get together to play music. Mission: To challenge myself and expand the ears and minds of music fans. To create common ground for people who might otherwise lack it. To have a darn good time. Based in Brooklyn, NY.”

Raised in North Carolina, Josh Turner started doing folk music when he was 15 and randomly opened a You Tube channel. Six years later, his channel is about to reach 10,000 subscribers, and Josh has turned into a real music prodige. It is through teenage bands and collaborations with talented guests that Josh made his way into music, teaching himself how to play no less than eight intruments… Eleonore Giraud interviewed him before the release of his first studio album, in collaboration with budding singer Larkin Dodgen.

The teenager hits “record” and for a moment, all we can see is his shirt covering the screen. Only after a few seconds does Josh sit down, guitar on his lap.
In his back, the Beatles cross a London street above the bedroom door, black and white silhouettes of the Avett Brothers side the window. A glazed paper Cincinnatti night sky reflects the tiny fairy lights that run on the wall. The landscape of Josh’s room is something that fastly becomes familiar to the growing number of subscribers.

He starts playing.
Josh Turner opened his You Tube channel in 2007 at age 15, and has published 129 videos ever since. Already playing the piano, guitar and ukulele, he soon got into folk music and taught himself how to play nothing less than the banjo, mandolin, fiddle, luth and harmonica. His passion grew stronger along the years, so that he now barely does anything else. It allowed him to build incredibly sharp skills for a young man of 21. “I basically spend all of my free time playing music, making videos, or arranging for the accapella group I sing with on campus,” Josh says.

When I ask him what decided him to start his channel, the first part of the answer sounds professional – “I wanted to show a friend in a different city how to play a song, because explaining it over the phone was too complicated,” while the second is what we can expect from a 15 year old: “I also wanted to post a cover of a song for a girl I was interested in at the time,” he says.