Zo 20 mei, 16:00pm Clube do Choro de Amsterdam presents" Dinho Nogueira and Zé Barbeiro “Visiting Jacob do Bandolim”


20 Mei
Aanvang 16:00
Deur Open: 15:30
Ticket at the door: €15,00
Studenten: €8,00

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The duo of guitarists Dinho Nogueira and Zé Barbeiro honors one of the most important composers of Choro: Jacob do Bandolim presenting themes of the author with indie compositions arranged by the duo. Dinho and Zé will also present some of their compositions to show how the tradition of Choro coexists with contemporary music.

Zé Barbeiro
As an guitarrist and composer, he is  a traditional and contemporary representative of Choro. Winning the “Pixinguinha” Prize and recording over two hundred albums  around his compositions, Zé has also won the “Itaú Cultural Prize” with the “No Salão do Barbeiro” album (2011). Through out the years, he co-started several concerts with some of the most important artists of Brazilian music, such as Elizete Cardoso, Altamiro Carrilho, Zeca Pagodinho, and many others. He is easily one of the main references in Brazil and the world regarding the 7- string guitar.

Dinho Nogueira
Dinho is  known as a guitarist, composer and teacher. Being born into a family of musicians, music concerts became a part of Dinho’s life by the time he was 6 years old. In 2015, he recorded his first original album where he shows his intimate relation with Choro and other Brazilian rhythms. Dinho played beside Hamilton de Holanda, Alessandro Penezzi, Yamandu Costa, Helio Delmiro and many other important names of Brazilian music. He has  a bachelor’s degree in classical guitar and studied electric guitar and it’s musical role and arrangements around Jazz/MPB in the “ Tatuí-SP conservatory”.

The Duo
Being responsible for the best music played in a 7-string guitar, Zé Barbeiro was always appreciated by Dinho for his music. In 2016 Dinho invited Zé to  play together in a serie of concerts. It was a perfect partnership, since Zé has great experience with the practice of it all and Dinho, being a exemplary academic, has great knowledge in a theoretical and musical pedagogy. Since then, they’ve been working very hard in the Choro industry seeking to create a methodology to teach this hard Brazilian genre. Both are very passionate about playing and composing together, therefore it is very safe to say their Choro repertoire, is easily, one of the best in the world.