Za 21 sept, 20:30 Samskara, door Avishai Darash


21 Sept 2019
Aanvang 20:30
Doors: 20:00
Online: €12,50
At the door: €15,00

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The latest project by pianist/composer Avishai Darash brings the colours of Jazz, Berber, Andalusia and western classical music into one exciting mix of improvisations and interplay.

The music of SAMSKARA can be felt as a journey into the world of each musician of the ensemble, a journey that takes the listener into the depths of cultures and musical approaches.

This is the concert release of the anticipated album from the record label AMA Edizioni.

Avishai Darash – Piano
Haytham Safia – Ud
Daniele Cappucci – Bass
Joan Terol Amigo – Drums

Listen to the album here: