Za 20 Juni, 20:30 – Guilherme Pimenta 4tet – Forró para Bailar – Dancing Forró


20 Juni
Aanvang 20:30
Doors: 20:00
At the door: €15,00
Onderdeel van het Munganga Festival 2020!

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Special for Munganga’s birthday celebrations, the Guilherme Pimenta 4tet has prepared a concert so as not to leave anyone sitting down: a forró concert to dance!

Led by the violinist Guilherme Pimenta, this project  gathers influences from each of this four creative musicians to blend latin styles as Choro, Forró and Bolero with Traditional and Contemporary Jazz. With Vitcor Ribeiro on acoustic guitar, Pablo Arruda on bass and Richie Struck on drums, the Guilherme Pimenta quartet brings to the stage a fusion that expands today’s musical universe and also provides a “dancing expirence” to the audience. The group released their first EP, called “Violino na Roda” in 2018 ande their first album “Catopê” in 2019. Since them, they have been playing in several stages in Brazil and Europe.