Za 06 Juni, 20:30 – Samskara, by Avishay Darash


04 Juni
Aanvang 20:30
Doors: 20:00
At the door: €12,50

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De muziek van SAMSKARA staat bekend om zijn roots in het Midden-Oosten, jazz en folk. De virtuositeit van alle bandleden bracht dit trio in de internationale schijnwerpers en verscheen op enkele van de meest prominente tijdschriften en festivals van de radio in Europa. Avishai heeft een nieuwe formatie en repertoire op dit podium gebracht met Yoran Vroom en Arin Keshishi, waardoor dit trio een krachtpatser van ritmes en melodieën is.

Wat de journalisten te zeggen hebben:
“Samskara is a mottled album, with exotic traits, from which a praiseworthy melodic, improvised, harmonious and rhythmic research emerges. This is a record that shines with an expressive warmth that pervades the listener during the passage of the eleven tracks” (Written in Italian) – Stefano Dentice – SoundContest

“The songs are interesting due to their ingenious structure. The strong melodies and rhythms make the music very accessible. In other words, “Samskara” is an entertaining and very pleasant album” – Mathijs Van Den Berg – JazzEnZO

“Darash develops melodic contours that suggest a constantly bubbling source. You can hear finely spun bass plucking. “Earth Saung” moves in the context of pop music and that is not only due to the English-language poetry, but rather to the harmonies and rhythms” – Ferdinand Dupuis-Panther – JazzHalo

“Avishai Darash, once again, offers us a tremendous creative act. He is an astonishing musician and composer. The playing is responsive, emotive. An album laced with various moods and textures, Samskara is the result of a true creator, whose compositions allow us to catch the depth of the collective as well as the individuality of its musicians” Nathalie Freson – UK Vibe 

“With this Samskara Darash shows once more his artistry and craft to be of a different caliber and depth” – Ken Vos – Jazzism

“Samskara is a delightful melding of influences: jazz, Middle Eastern traditions, plus a bit of tuneful pop. Darash has found another winning vocalist in El Fillali, while Semlali and Safia shine as accompanists and soloists. The entire group has a joy in music-making that is infectious” – Mark Sullivan – All About Jazz