Za 02 Jul 15:00 – TERRA CURUMIM – 4+


02 July 2022
Starts: 15:00
Doors: 14:30

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Terra (land) Curumim (child in Tupi) are the words chosen to name this adventure proposed by the Brazilian artists Camila Nobre and Vitor Garbelotto.

A story in which play becomes the universal language. In the kids’ land, words are transformed into games of sound and rhythmic gestures, symbolizing the cultural richness of Brazil.

Besides being a funny production in constant interaction with the audience, Terra Curumim assumes its ecological commitment and invites everyone to cultivate the seeds that lead to the construction of the land that we wish to create for the future of our curumins.
Age: 4+


Terra Curumim shows us the journey of an indigenous character (Camila) who is searching for a place to belong. Her old oca (house) no longer exists. It has been destroyed or transformed, as well as many things around her. And it is from the encounter with this playful character (Vitor), that she begins to awaken her memories and take over her cultural heritage. The other, in his openness to accept diversity, creates bridges for a communication that goes beyond territorial limits. Together they reveal the paths that can lead us to our Terra Curumim.


Terra Curumim propõe a descoberta do Brasil pelo do olhar da criança. Revela um país feito da mistura de sons, cores e sabores do mundo.
Nesse trabalho, a atriz Camila Nobre e o violonista Vitor Garbelotto, embarcam em uma aventura por territórios do brincar, mergulhando no universo lúdico que compõe esse mosaico multicultural chamado Brasil.