Vr 14 Feb 20:30 Dream Hunting by Lonny Ziblat


14 Februari 2020
Aanvang 20.30 uur
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Lonny (Lionel) Ziblat is impossible to place in the music genres map. Between 2009 & 2014 he was front man of the band Modest Midget – ‘the missing link between the Beatles & Frank Zappa’ according to then Music Maker journalist Arno Hagemans.

Lonny released his first solo album – ‘Songs From The Drawer’ in 2011 after masterminding a revolutionary Progressive Rock album with Modest Midget. ‘The Great Prophecy of a Small Man’ was published in 2010 and was unanimously endorsed in Prog Rock circles as the best debut if not as one of the top 10 albums of the year.

Among the famous artists who openly admired his work are Jan Akkerman (‘Focus’), Ed Mann (the longest band member of Frank Zappa) & Gil Dor (guitarist of Israeli singer Noa). Lonny’s first solo album appeared soon after that and was chosen by Dutch Revolver magazine (Lust For Life) as one of the best albums of 2011.

Lonny regularly composes and orchestrates music for a huge variety of ensembles and orchestra’s, among which the Concertgebouw Orchestra, the Nederlands Blazersensemble (NBE) & The Dutch Ballet orchestra. Among the international acts he worked with are the Brazilian ‘Orquesta Moderna’ and Tango singer Omar Mollo. He composed music for Classical pianist Daria van der Bercken and made orchestrations for the Oscar nominated feature film ‘Footnote’. His most recent film score could be heard in Frans Bromet’s documentary ‘Een Goede Moslima’.

For his new solo album Lonny shot two music videos himself in the Argentinean Patagonia. Another Day was premiered during the international Mumbai film festival and was honored with an award of excellence. Stuck has received substantial exposure on Facebook.

Lonny is now touring with his new album – ‘Dream Hunting’, offering intimate performances. Let the innocent sound of the music not fool you. As the case was with Modest Midget, he strives to create interesting & profound music that sounds simple. The songs are always straightforward, yet rich and fresh, following the tradition of classical songwriters the likes of Paul Simon & James Taylor. ‘Dream Hunting’ is now available on CD as well as on vinyl.

Bandcamp, Spotify, more biography, concert music, arrangements, music videos & full discography: www.lionelziblat.com