Vr 08 Okt 20:30 – Butoh Festival Amsterdam – 5 Performances


Fri 08th October 2020 – 8:30pm € 25
concession € 20 and € 35 for both the days (only for certified students and unemployed)
Butoh Festival Amsterdam the strenght of Ideas
Due to limited seats available for covid-19 restriction, tickets will be available only online.
You are highly recommended to book your seat online, so that you will be sure to have your seat.
If you will pass at the booking office on the same festival day, very probably, you will not be able to have access at the theater.
We are very sorry about that but we are forced to do it this way.

Op voorraad


 A Dream, by Golzar Hazfi & Ehsan Sadigh 

9 Petals, by Christian Bernecker  

         p a u s e

Mezzanine , by Ezio Tangini   

The Japanese Indigena, by Alicia Bisier  

Red Moon, by Maruska Ronchi   

Info and booking:
info@munganga.nl, telephone: +31634840118
For further information contact Ezio Tangini   e_mail eziotangini@gmail.com


Teatro Munganga Schinkelhavenstraat 27 hs2 1075 Amsterdam