Vr 01 Mei, 20:30 – Musical Retrospective of the South of the World 1950 – 2009, by Marcelo Gallardo on Tour


01 Mei
Aanvang 20:30
Doors: 20:00
At the door: €15,00

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To strengthen and disseminate the artistic and musical experiences, culture and tourism of our city of Valdivia and the south of Chile evoking images and memories of our ancestors
and their experiences over time.

The concert is a work that fuses rhythms of Chilean, Afro-American, Latin American and other contemporary currents, and that are coated and translated into the language of Jazz with original creations.
In each composition the work makes the public see different situations and different times of the world and always with an original optimist sense and with an aesthetic proposal oriented to discover sublime feelings, solidarity and
unforgettable beauty in the viewer.

The concert is complemented by a screen where projects material from historical and contemporary images of the south from Chile.
The ensemble is composed of 5 experienced musicians of recognized professional career.