Thursday 22 Okt 18:00 – Solo – Sol, Só, Sô – Solo, by Gabriel Milliet


22 Octobre
Start: 18:00 uur
Doors: 17:30

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The word “solo” contains more than one portuguese words: “Sol”, the sun; “só”, alone. “sô”, the spoken version of the word “sou”, that means “I am”. And “solo” itself means literally soil, ground. This solo concert is an attempt to reach this variety of meaning. To reach the sun with the voice, to investigate identity – either musical, national, as an immigrant, through what we share in love, time, conflict and discontinuity, through whatever emanates from the ground.

The music itself could not but evoke banzo – you can google this word if you’d like, I shall not translate it – and although truthfully rooted in the experience of being a Brazilian musician, it shall not be about exoticized cliches of tropicality and colourful carnaval days, even if I would prefer many times to be in a street carnaval party with thousands of people in costumes, drinking the water the bird shall not drink and singing the songs we might never remember.

Ok, I might play something celebratory, party like, and as vibrant as what you think Brazilian music should be, but only in the end of the concert. Hope to see you there!