Thu 25 Apr 2024, 20:00 – Forró da Quinta by Desabafo no Pé Forró Trio


25 April 2024
Starts: 20:00
Deur Open: 19:30

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Being formed by three talented women from different nationalities the Forró´s trio is characterized by a vibrant and captivating musicality. With a feminist perspective the trio brings an inclusive backdrop to the Forró scene, that invites everybody to the dancefloor.

Desabafo no Pé was born from the desire of sharing the stage, life lessons and experiences among women, all embedded by a common love of Brazilian northeastern music.

The musical and cultural fusion are made by Zina Bloch, French accordionist with a classical music background. Zina got to know forró while living in Rio de Janeiro, since then she has forró as her main musical field. The lead singer is Melissa Morcote, Trianguleira and percussionist. The Colombian singer incites and seduces with her accent and her remarkable timbre. Mamá Suen, Brazilian singer, zabumbeira and composer brings influences that walk from Brazilian Popular Music (MPB) to more underground musical perspectives.

Desabafo no Pé celebrates diversity and connects people through the universal power of dancing. The trio went on tour for the first time in February 2023 in Spain. Since then, they have performed in different stages around Austria, Germany, Portugal, The Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, United Kingdom and France.

With almost a year of career, Desabafo no Pé’s musical and aesthetic visual identity
becomes more and more solid and unique.