Thu 07 Mar 2024 – 20:00 – Music from the Argentinian pampas, by Juan Martín Scalerandi


07 March 2024
Aanvang 20:00
Deur open 19:30

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"El pampa" -gato- (J.M.Scalerandi) (

Juan Martín Scalerandi, Argentine guitarist, composer and singer, arrives at the Munganga Theater to bring us an intimate and profound concert with the folk music of Argentina.
Scalerandi will be performing on Thursday, March 7, 2024 with the austerity typical of the ancient minstrels of the Argentine pampas, but with the solid presence of those who know their song and their land, through the milonga, the cipher, the tango, the style, the triumph, the mark, the vidalita, and all the songs of his land, which will be present in his guitar and in his voice with the traditional repertoire, and a look towards the future through his compositional work.
With more than 20 years of experience, after 3 solo albums released and more than 10 albums in different groups, with several tours in Europe, and different recognitions and publications in both Argentina and Brazil, he comes to
Munganga to invite us to delve into the depth of the current and traditional musical discourse of the Argentine pampas.
It will be a concert with elements of the solo guitar - which Atahualpa Yupanqui knew how to deepen -, who will also be included as a composer in the repertoire; as well as the great Argentine cultural ambassador in the world: Astor Piazzolla, who will have his place in the repertoire performed by Scalerandi.
In other words, an encounter with the entire history of the guitar and singing of Creole Argentina, academic and current, seasoned with the own work of this Argentine guitarist and singer, and troubadour of the pampas of other times, with his feet and the heart looking at the present and the future.