Sun 9 Oct, 19:00 – Talk about the Amazon forest with Chief Dada


09 October 2022
Starts: 19:00
Doors: 18:30
All money raised from the tickets will go to the indigenous communities.

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Photo: Carol da Riva

On Sunday the 9th of October we are delighted to host a very special and important event in Teatro Munganga. We are welcoming chief Dada, an influential indigenous leader from Para – Brazil. He will be sharing his knowledge and will be speaking up for the protection of the Amazon.

For two weeks, Chief Dadá is leaving his home in the rainforest in Pará, Brasil (where there is a price on his head) to tour around Europe and share the ongoing problems of deforestation as well as his hope that together, we can stop it.

On the 9th of October you have the chance take part in the discussion about forest crime in the Amazon region with Chief Dadá and his collaborator during the last six years, Dutch criminologist Dr. Tim Boekhout van Solinge.
There will be a preview of parts of the new feature length documentary film The Letter, which documents a meeting between Chief Dadá and Pope Francis in the Vatican last year.

And finally, to make the evening even more enriching, the Chief of the Noke Koi/Katuquina indigenous people from Gregório River in Brazil will also share his experiences, traditional songs and rituals.

Importantly, all money raised from the tickets will go to the indigenous communities.