Zo 19 Nov 16:00 “Sad days in Brazil” Multi-Media Talk & Exhibition


19 November 2017
Aanvang 16:00 uur: Exhibition:  Quem inventou a fome são os que comem”
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Subsequent to 13 years of an extraordinary ascend as a new economic power, Brazil is facing a dramatic period. The aftermath of the coup, one year ago, that deposed two time-elected president Dilma Rousseff, has been a continuous nightmare.
The country lives now under an illegitimate president, disapproved by 97% of the population, while it watches the explosion of corruption in the National Congress. Meanwhile, the rising of right-wing fundamentalism threatening the cultural institutions is alarming. In the last months art exhibitions have been censored, several temples of the Afro-Brazilian religions have been attacked and all sorts of progressive actions have been repressed.
You are invited to join us for an afternoon of reflection on the present moment in Brazil.

17h-18h “From curls to straight lines. Aesthetics as a key to the evangelical boom in Brazil” MATTIJS VAN DE PORT (Anthropologist UVA Universiteit van Amsterdam)  – Multi-Media Talk’

16h-19h Quem inventou a fome são os que comem” (Who invented hunger are those who eat) NEYDE LANTYER (Visual Artist) The work is a portrait of former president Lula da Silva, plus a sentence of Brazilian writer Carolina de Jesus and reproductions of the seventeen century Dutch painter Albert Eckhaert.

Free Entrance
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