Sa 17 July 20:30 – Brazilian Landscape – Mario Bakuna Band


17 July
Start 20:00
Doors: 19:30


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With arrangements by Mario Bakuna, Giuliano Pereira, Matheus Nova, Sam Watts, and Marcinho Pereira, the band will play some original compositions and re-read masters of samba jazz such as Emilio Santiago, Marcos Valle, Claudio Bertrami, Rique Pantoja, Toninho Horta, Johnny Alf, Edu Lobo and the ‘forrozeiro’ Dominguinhos.
Samba jazz is a music language that emerged in Brazil, specifically in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, which mixes elements of samba and bebop. Music that is a fusion between jazz and Brazil’s syncopated samba.
Mario Bakuna is a London-based Brazilian composer, singer and guitar player, with twenty years of professional experience. He is a graduate of the Free University of Music in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Whilst there he studied with musicians such as: Olmir Stocker, Roberto Sion and Roberto Bomilcar (pianist who played with Frank Sinatra during his visit to Brazil).
His study focuses on Afro-Brazilian music, Samba, Jazz and Bossa Nova.
He travelled to Europe to expand his research, and since moving to London, he has been performing alongside musicians such as Jean Toussaint, Liam Noble, Roberto Manzin, Ricardo dos Santos, Edmundo Carneiro, Cacau Queiroz, Alain Jean Marie, Dudu Penz, Nelson Ayres and Filó Machado.It will be a memorable night!
Mario Bakuna on Acoustic Guitar and Vocals
Sam Watts on Piano
Matheus Nova on Bass
Marcinho Pereira on Drums
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Instagram: @mariobakuna