Mon 05 Dec, 20:00 – Milunes, tango milonga – DJ Philip, el Zorro Gris


05 December 2022
Starts: 20:00
Doors: 19:30

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Philip Bodenstaff was born in Australia and he grew up with music, amongst which, tango music that his father took home from his journeys as a ship’s officer.
In his teens Philip was a drummer playing, as many teenagers did, in some local and unknown pop-groups. Philip re-found tango in October 2010 and started dancing at The Academia de Tango.

In the spring of 2011 he went to Argentina (Buenos Aires) and stayed there for a few weeks discovering Argentina and the tango as it is danced in Buenos Aires.

Later that year he became one of the regular DJ’s at The Academia de Tango and took on the name El Zorro Gris. What else could he do with his colour of hair.  Philip Performed at AdT right up until 2017. Then he had to stop dancing due to a knee operation and then corona happened.

Right after corona Philip picked up dancing and DJ’ing again and recently Philip performed at LA Yumba.

El Zorro Gris is open for performing at your venue.
He plays traditional tango and his heart is with the old masters as Di Sarli, D’Arienzo, Troilo, De Angelis, Vargas, Varela, Calo and of course Pugliese.
On the other hand El Zorro Gris might surprise you with some modern / neo tango or non tango.

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