Fr 20 Nov 20:00 ‘La Notti di San Patrizio’, by Nilza Costa Trio


20 November
Start: 20:00
Doors: 19:30
At the door: €17,50

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In this concert, Nilza Costa Trio will present their new album whose title is “Le Notti di San Patrizio” (The Nights of San Patricio). The music has nothing to do with saints, it has to do with the nights in clear, insomnia, when Nilza Costa didn’t sleep, but she wrote and that’s exactly why she gave the  name Le Notti di San Patrizio to this CD (San Patrizio is the city where Nilza Costa lives. This record will be almost completely in Yoruba, where Nilza Costa speaks about resistance, racism, about the human being and his contradictions, but also about beauty and love. The lyrics of the music will be shown in English during the concert.


Nilza Costa is a Brazilian singer and writer/composer. She is from Salvador (Bahia), a city that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean coast and which is heavily influenced by the African traditions.
The passion for music is transmitted to Nilza by her maternal grandmother (with afroindigenous origins) who used to take her to Candomblé parties and allowed her to approach the Yoruba culture, an Afro Brazilian religion based on the cult of the Orixas, gods originally belonging to the mythology of the Western Africa population.
In Brazil she began performing as a soloist in the choir of the Church of Saint Lazarus, in San Salvador of Bahia. But her artistic career began to bear fruit in Italy, where she moved to in 2006. Here it deepens the study of singing with Beatrice Sarti, Florentine artist specialized in “postural singing”.
The peculiarity of Nilza Costa is to unite the ancestral rhythms of Africa with the traditional forms of the Brazilian music and religious culture (such as Candomble, Capoeira, Samba Duro, Maculelê and Cantigas de Roda), and transfiguring them in her singing, with an extremely original and improvisational artistic language.
These traditions, that come from different times and places around the world, are filtered from her with a strong syncretic aptitude. That is also thanks to the contribution of jazz musicians who accompany her during the production and the concerts.
In 2014 she released her first album “Revolution Rivoluzione Revolução” produced by the cultural organization Studio SoundLab and published by the label FonoFabrique.
In October 2016, the “Roots” album was produced by the organization Studio SoundLab and published by FonoFabrique.

Line up:
Daniele Santimone, harmonica, 7strings guitar
Massimo Zaniboni, sax, flute
Red Rossi, drums, percussie, vocal
Nilza Costa, singer