Fr 15 Oct 20:00 – Valmaggia Project


15 October
Start: 20:00
Doors: 19:30

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Valmaggia Project’s music tells stories, it brings you to discover new places, it draws new images in your mind. You’ll be caught, and you’ll feel free at the same time.
Valmaggia Project is an octet led by the Italian drummer Agnese Valmaggia, whose original music is something new and fresh, close to jazz but with a lot of different shades coming from classical music, folk, as well as rock and funk.
As a drummer, the rhythmic element in Agnese’s compositions is extremely strong: odd meters, polirhythms, meter changes are a fundamental and distinctive ingredient. The group was born in February 2019 in the fertile environment of the Conservatory of Amsterdam, where all the members are currently studying at.
There, Agnese Valmaggia started working on her music together with a few fellows students from all over the world: César Puente (double bass), Arjan Sevilla (piano and keyboard), Martín Díaz (alto sax, soprano sax), Martí Mitjávila (clarinet, tenor sax, bass clarinet), Paul Kiernan (trumpet), Pablo Castillo (trumpet), William Becuwe (trombone).
The result is a rich ensemble: full of instruments and cultures, with musicians from Spain, Mexico, USA, Ireland and France. Common ground is Agnese’s music: besides the drums studies, she’s always been interested in composition and arranging, and she won the 3rd prize (2018) and 2nd prize (2019) in the National Arranging Competition Nicola Paoli, in Italy.
Since November 2019 the group has performed several times in different venues in Amsterdam, including the Bimhuis, one of the most important stages for jazz music in the Netherlands.