Fr 08 Jul, 20:00 – Jolly Mangos – CHUTNEY album release


08 July
Start 20:00/Doors: 19:30

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It seems the Jolly Mangos sound of feel-good, high-energy, smile-inducing music speaks a universal language when it comes to winning hearts. Since 2009, the band was bound together by a love of music continuously crafting infectious, genre-embracing songs and bringing an element of surprise to countless national festivals including Wildeburg, Georgies, De Zon, Komm Schon Alter and Landjuweel. Basking through Italy, Colombia, Belgium and France has left the trio (guitar, accordion and percussion) with an authentic sound they call Cinematic Folk. In essence, Jolly Mangos is all about shaping a memory with this musical signature that makes people love, laugh and dance.

CHUTNEY is the end-result of an amazingly inspiring process in which Alex Vergara joined forces with Jolly Mangos and triggered to mix many music, design and art styles to create something surprisingly new.

The goal of this album was to focus on more than just music.

So the experiment was to see how we could use our own personal backgrounds, opinions, skills and knowledge to define a musical creation process in which we can all participate and enjoy to the fullest.

We are grateful to have the magical theater Munganga as our host to share our new album with you!

It will be an evening of people loving, laughing and dancing!

¬†Bekijk ‘Shape memories’ video. Jolly Mangos // Ruigoord

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