Fr 04 Dec 18:00 – “Pieces of me” ALBUM RELEASE, by Andrew Laureth


Fri 04th December
Starts: 18:00
Doors: 17:30
Vanaf 01/12/2020 zijn mondkapjes in alle openbare ruimtes verplicht. Ook bij Munganga!
From 01/12/2020, face masks are mandatory in all public areas. Also at Munganga!


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From the silence to the first chords, feelings that move through melodic lines, the richness of simplicity, the expression of the soul through lyric and sound, intimate and engaging at the same time: this is the proposal of the Brazilian singer/songwriter Andrew Laureth.

Andrew has extensive experience in music. His career first began in 2003. After 10 years touring in Brazil and Europe, releasing albums with his old bands and getting attention from the media, Laureth decided to fly to greater heights. He started his solo project in 2011.Three years later, “Janelas da Alma” (Windows of the Soul) was released, an album that would be featured in several publications on international media. It introduces important songs like “The sun will come back”, “A vida é Bela”, and “Alice”.

In 2020, Andrew presents to the world “Pieces of me”, an album rich in feelings and emotions that brings a living piece of the songwriter into each song. 10 songs are being released, one per month, in audio and video.

Line up:

Andrew Laureth, guitar, singer
Wilson Bento, piano
Osman Meyredi, doublebass


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