Do 14 Nov 20:30 Le Circo de la Drag (Rio de Janeiro, BR)


14 November 2019
Aanvang 20:30 uur
Deur open 20:000 –
Entree in voorverkoop €10,00
Aan de zaal €12,50

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“Le Circo de la Drag” is a research on Brazilian popular music in parallel with current events in the country and emerges as an irrepressible need to talk about our world in rich terms of fun and criticism.
Since 2017, the troupe blurs the scenic intersection between Brazilian music research and language innovations. “Le Circo de la Drag” presents a Brazil resulting from the urban experience of citizens immersed in the fragmentary world of news, television and social media. After two years of circulation in Brazil, the group departs for their first international tour.
The show is directed by Juracy de Oliveira who also integrates the cast along with Leonardo Paixão, Mateus Muniz and Vanessa Garcia. Foto’s by André Chacón.

Against prejudice, love.

Against fundamentalism, art.

Against intolerance, humor.