Casa Salon ma 30 mei 20:30 Tango Salon Planina


30 mei 2016
Aanvang 20.30 uur
Deur open 20:00

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VoetenTango“Four seasons are given to man: the past, the present, the future and – eternity …” (Anon)

While the spring flowers are slowly but unstoppably opening in the moonlit Moonday nights, it is time to dance again on the perfect dancing plane of Planina. You are warmly invited to join! Is the king of the forest asleep? Let’s find out.

El rey del bosque, “King of the Forest”, a beautiful tango from Canaro, is just one of many that calls to you from the past to embrace the unfolding moment in the carefully crafted music in the hands of Jaco Zum. Mostly traditional, potentially spiced up with a few highly danceable modern tangos.

The team of Planina is looking forward to greet you – tot dans!

Yours truly, RichardInAmsterdam, Sasa Gacesa and Jaco Zum