Casa Film don 03 maart 2016 PATHER PANCHALI: Directed by Satyajit Ray


Film: 20:30 / Doors 20:00 – Entrance: 2-
125 minutes
In Bengali with English subtitles

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(Song of the Little Road)
Directed by Satyajit Ray

The Apu trilogy is widely considered to be director Satyajit Ray’s crowning achievement, and has been heralded as a masterpiece of cinema. This trilogy follows it’s main character from childhood into adulthood, but each film also stands on its own as an independent piece. There are few films which have had as huge of an impact on cinema as this one.
Pather Panchali was Satyajit Ray’s debut film, and the one that kicked off the story of Apu. It was a rocky road at first, and it took the director three years to complete this gorgeous movie. It’s scope is both realistic and poetic at the same moment, transporting us into a world of rural Bengali life, and charting the childhood of our main character. His father is a dreamy poet, and not really able to make much money, so Apu is mostly raised by women – his mother and sister. PATHERPANTALIThat is the set-up of this beautifully tragic movie about a cursed family, and the struggle of life for a family that sinks steadily into poverty. But it is also a movie full of magic moments, illuminated cinematography and a rare lyricism. This is the kind of elemental power that can’t be expressed in words, so it should be no surprise that the director never even wrote a script, but only used his drawings to design the film. The musical soundtrack was composed by renowned sitar player Ravi Shankar.
This will be a high-definition screening.