vr 14 juli 20:30 "171 Samba Ensemble"


14 Juli
Aanvang 20.30
Deur open 20.00
Entree: € 17,50

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171 Samba Ensemble

This samba team were once the pioneers of pagode in Holland. Coming back from the distant 80’s, led by Cavaquinho player Leopoldo da Silveira, 171 Samba Ensemble plays root samba and pagodes from Rio de Janeiro.




The evening will featured some of the musicians who have performed with 171 along the year, 

Edson Gomes, Alaor Soares and Eugênio on percussion;


NelsoLatif on 7 string guitar and Leopoldo da Silveira on cavaquinho and vocals.





The group will also feature Geni Pereira on vocals.





Also Celinho Silva on vocals.

Munganga Theater will set a dance floor and a “table stage” for the musicians, bringing Rio’s pubs atmosphere into the scene.