Casa Concert Vr 09 juni, 20:30 "The Afro-Sambas: 80 years of Baden Powell" by Duo Fernandes & Savordelli


09 juni 2017
Aanvang 20:30-Doors: 20:00
Price:  €15,00

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The Afro-Sambas: 80 years of Baden Powell

Cleyton Fernandes (guitar) and Thalita Savordelli (voice) present the eleven Afro-Sambas that make up the famous 1966 album written and recorded by Baden Powell and Vinicius de Morais. The arrangements of this show created by the guitarist Paulo Bellinati promote an intensive dialogue between popular and classical music and promote all aspects of a real duo between voice and guitar, avoiding the common place of the accompanying guitar and thus honoring the great guitarist Baden Powell, who in 2017 would turn 80 years old.

Recorded in 1966, the Afro-Sambas by Baden Powell and Vinicius de Morais are a milestone for Brazilian music. This show builds upon this milestone and innovates by bringing arrangements that give the songs a sophisticated treatment, requiring interpreters to balance between popular and classical language, highlighting the distinctive hybridism of Brazilian music.






Cleyton Fernandes is a guitarist PhD in musical performance, university teacher and researcher in music and semiotics. He has recorded two CDs and has an intense activity as a performer.






Thalita Savordelli is a singer with strong technical background and intense musical activity in the São Paulo night scene, always with a popular Brazilian repertoire.