Casa Workshop ma 29 mei 18:00 Improvisation Class "A Multitude of Dynamism" led by Tashi Iwaoka


Price: 15€ for class or 40€ per 4 classes.
Age: 18+
Capacity: 20 people
May 01, 08, 22 & 29 from 18:00 to 20:00


– led by Tashi Iwaoka
DATE: 1, 8, 22 and 29 May
TIME: 18:00 – 19:45h
PRICE: €40 in advance for all 4 classes / €15 per class
REGISTRATION: tashi.iwaoka@gmail.com

These four classes serve as an introduction to Tashi Iwaoka’s performance practice.
The series of classes is geared towards a group improvisation to create an organic mixture of activities co-existing in one space.
We see ‘improvisation’ to its larger extent and make use of movement, voice, music and objects to create a multitude of events.

The class consists of exercises for alignment, body work and improvisation which are influenced by Eastern approaches to the body e.g. seitai, Butoh, martial arts, and different improvisation practices.

The participants are encouraged to sharpen their sense of own bodies, space, timing and composition with these elements of work.
These classes are open to all, however, a strong sense of physical commitment is required.

Although it is possible to join the single class, the four classes are thought as one course study.
In the first two classes, we spend more time with alignment and body work to cultivate the ground for playing with different improvisation tools. After learning the form of these practices, we will focus more on exploring each one’s improvisation skills.
In order to gain a better insight, it is recommended to take all four classes.