Casa Theater za 08 apr 20:30 ImproGanga presents "The Advanced Short Form Course"


Zaterdag, 08 april
Doors open @ 20.00

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The Advanced Short Form couse with Rob “has a fan page” AndristPlourde is coming to an end. Our students have been working very hard to sharpen their short form skills and get performance ready and performance funny.

The show will divide the group into two teams going head to head to see who is the sharpest, wittiest, funniest! All with Rob presiding over the night as referee.

Come support them and the continuous growth of the improv community in Amsterdam!

Coralyne Bol
Cecile Desmarest
Davide Dispenza
Arielle Dundas
Alexandre Gilbert
James Huggett
David Lips
Nora McLeese
Isaac Simon
Gijs Stuurman
Enikő Varga